Crisis Case Managers

Mercy Mall is CLOSED, until further notice, for regular client shopping appointments. If your client needs immediate clothing, household goods or baby items, please submit the request and text Angie at (804) 482-0798.

For clients in crisis, we are offering a drive-thru service – we will pack items as requested and as available for your client and schedule an appointment for you or the client to pick those items up. We will bring the items out to the car and load them in the trunk to limit everyone’s exposure. Our appointment days/times for this service are limited as we are not having volunteers in the boutique and are solely utilizing the services of our small group of employees.

We understand that most, if not all, of the case managers who bring clients to Mercy Mall are dealing with clients in crisis. We appreciate that and we always try to schedule your clients as quickly as we can through our regular appointment request button.

This section, with a separate Crisis Case Manager appointment request button, is for Case Managers who work with clients for a limited time and need to get them into our boutique to shop for clothes, shoes, food and toiletries very quickly. We can not guarantee household or baby items on short notice, but we will do the best we can. After you have filled out the request, you may text Angie at (804) 482-0798. Be sure to give your name and your client’s name every time you text.

If you will serve your client for more than 30 days, please DO NOT fill out this Crisis Appointment Request.

Click the button and fill out the sheet fully. Be sure to give a good cell # for our appointment setter to reach you.

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