How does Mercy Mall do Christmas?  For the past few years, we have hosted Adopt-A-Family, where we partner with Sponsor families, groups, neighborhoods, etc. to offer local individuals and families in crisis a “hand up” during the Christmas Season.  As the families chosen for this program are currently in crisis or coming out of crisis, we ask sponsor groups to steer clear of big ticket items such as game systems, iPhones, large toys, and instead focus their efforts on practical items.

We focus on practical items like:

Household items (some groups will do furniture, but most wont have the means)

Cleaning supplies
Cold weather gear
Space Heaters
Paper products

Christmas items if not being helped by another program.

Families are nominated for our Adopt-A-Family program via local Social Services agencies and Mercy Mall volunteers.  You may also nominate a family ~ Please email us at and ask for an Adopt-A-Family Nomination Form.

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Adopt a Family program. We don’t choose our families until just before or after Thanksgiving, and we will accept referrals until December 19th. After that, we will mail out gift cards to the families that come in. So, we will need gift cards if you would prefer to donate those (fill out this form still). We will give $50 – $100 food gift cards for Walmart or Kroger and $25 -$50 gift cards to Target, Walmart, 5 Below, etc.

Please fill out the Sponsorship Form in order to indicate your interest in sponsoring a family.Steps in Adopt-A-Family (slightly different for shop-only sponsors) :

1. Say “Yes” by e-mailing Courtney Murphy @
2. Fill out this form 🙂  Sponsorship Form
3. Receive family by e-mail with wish list
4. Decide what items you will provide
5. Shop
6. Deliver to family /Drop Off at Mercy Mall
7. Notify Stacey that process is complete; Stacey will send “Complete” form
8. Fill out form with items purchased and feedback

Maybe you are not interested in sponsoring a family, but want to help in another way. Please consider making a financial donation to Mercy Mall of VA via this link:  Financial Donations. Thank you for partnering with us to offer local RVA individuals and families a hand up during hard times.

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