Mercy Mall United Sponsorship

Greetings to all our current and future community partners!

Stacey Jones here, the executive director for Mercy Mall of VA, with a word on why I’m so passionate about who we are as a ministry. You’ll notice I didn’t say, “what we do.” All non-profit organizations are “doing good” as well as most people, churches, and ministries! Describing what we do focuses on the actions we plan and execute. Instead, I’m passionate about who we are as a ministry, why we exist, and how we will be used for God’s purposes.

Sure…Mercy Mall is a FREE boutique for people in need and fills a void in our community; but the building – the boutique, is only our venue – “the scene of our actions.” It is not the oxygen and blood running through the veins of our ministry, giving it life. After a brainstorming session a couple of years ago, we discovered Mercy Mall exists for so much more!!

Who are we?

We are a gospel-guided ministry in the form of a free boutique which then becomes a refuge for the weak, a community resource, and a mission field.

Why do we exist for the community?

We exist simply to fulfill God’s commands to serve those in need and to make God known. We exist to meet a void in our community by serving others on a consistent basis, while maximizing our impact through community partnerships with churches, other Kingdom-led ministries, and organizations.

Why do we exist for the volunteers?

We exist to minister to our volunteers through providing selfless service opportunities.

Why do we exist for the client?

We ultimately exist to provide hope, prayer, and a place to feel loved and accepted.

What are our strengths/core values?

Love, Honor, Respect, Hope, Encouragement, Humility, Community, Hospitality, and Diversity

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