“I need a white dress…for graduation…tomorrow.”

God is present everyday at Mercy Mall but sometimes the power of his miracles continue to shock us. The everyday donations, even those that appear “run-of-the-mill” to us at arrival, actually become beacons of God’s love, hope and mercy for our clients. The many wonderful items received at Mercy Mall are constantly placed in the arms of our clients through God and your generous donations.

Recently, a young lady came to us during one of our “closed to clients” days in hopes in finding a white dress suited for her high school graduation…the very next day. A volunteer happened to notice the girl and her case manager outside and let them take a look around the boutique for the desired garment. After hearing that the young girl would be the first in her family to graduate, the volunteer knew that finding a dress would be the perfect “cherry on top” for her day of recognition.

Thinking back to the boutique floor, the volunteer did not recall any white dresses being in store at that time, but as they prayed on their walk to the back of the boutique floor…the trio was faced with a miracle.

A simple, white dress was hanging in front of a rack, just waiting to be claimed by this young lady. In just her size; she tried it on and it fit perfectly. A miracle by God, in the form of a summer, daytime dress, acted as a reminder and sign that she is being looked after as she embarks on this exciting, new chapter of her life.


A miracle in a large bowl?

Summer clothing for his children was the priority for a man who recently came in to shop.  “Splurging” on wish list items was something this long-time client didn’t expect that day. While looking around the boutique, he happened upon two items that he considered splurges:  a DVD player and a large bowl.

This man works to provide for his family, but to make ends meet he sells blood and saves wherever he can. When he comes to us it is often for a few dire needs. So when the opportunity arose for us at Mercy Mall to give this client “wish list” items, we were thrilled.

The DVD player and the large bowl were simple items, we often don’t think twice about using or replacing in our own homes.  These two items were a gift from God so this family could enjoy a movie night together.

We serve a Big God who loves to bless us in Big ways.  Won’t you join us in these miracles by volunteering and donating at Mercy Mall of VA?

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