What is Your Place?

Have you been searching for that “place” where you can share your faith, grow in your walk with God and challenge yourself? We are not your church but we can be a part of your journey as you put yourself in the uncomfortable position of loving others! It’s not always easy but it is where we see people that need to believe there is hope and a Savior who is reaching out to them!
Before I started serving with Mercy Mall I was searching for that “place”. I described it as looking for a place that Jesus would be if He was walking the earth today. Where would He be? Literally… and I knew one place would be Mercy Mall. For sure, He can be found in the hearts and souls of so many other servants in Christ…but I needed a physical place I could work out my salvation, work out my heart, and put to action all the things I learned about the Healer of my heart, the Champion to the lost and the One True Way and Light of the world…Jesus!

So if you’re searching too we’ve got a “place” for you too!
See you soon,

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