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A simple expression of love and provision makes an impact on future generations. Read this story from Michelle S:

“I was on a hiatus from working as the Marketing Coordinator at Chick-fil-A at Westchester Commons in June 2018 and happened to be on Facebook where I saw a post about the empty food pantry at Mercy Mall.

I had been praying for the Lord to use me since I wasn’t working so I became the self-appointed neighborhood coordinator for my community of Summer Lake.

I started collecting food and other pantry staples – driving to the location and feeling very impressed with the volunteers who greeted me. I shortly thereafter began collecting baby items and other necessities from “Lori’s List!” I would post the list on our community Facebook page and our neighbors responded favorably.

Some weeks, my husband and I would make 2-3 trips per month, bringing various items from our generous neighbors. When there were specific requests such as a crib etc. – our neighbors came through with flying colors.

I even had one neighbor send me items directly through Amazon – which Hubby took straight to Mercy Mall! Our 2003 Honda Odyssey Van was a familiar sight as we both enjoyed these almost weekly trips to bring a van load of much needed items.

In January, 2020, we sold our beloved van. This made it nearly impossible to bring items to Mercy Mall – so another neighbor agreed to take over as the neighborhood coordinator (pre-Covid).

After prayer and consideration we began donating financially to Mercy Mall. It has proven to be an immense blessing to my husband and I as the needs in the community continued to grow due to the pandemic.

Toward the end of 2020, we decided to sell our home and move into a townhome community so we could financially continue to be a blessing to Mercy Mall – as well as free-up time to eventually volunteer once Covid subsided.

An email arrived explaining the “Cases of Hope” ministry and my eyes wept. My husband and I had made the decision to make a sizable donation from the proceeds of our home sale and prayed about how the money could be used to make an impact.

Our prayers were answered when our home sold quickly and allowed us to make a generous donation to “Cases of Hope,” in memory of my Mother.

The email I had read earlier hit home. My Mom had been incarcerated while pregnant with me. A friend wrote and pleaded with the judge to allow her to have her child (me), outside of the prison system.

The Salvation Army gave my Mom a suitcase filled with necessities and also provided basic necessities for me once I was born.

I do not know the entire reason why my Mom was in jail – she never dwelt on the unfortunate circumstance – but she always spoke highly of the Salvation Army and how much she appreciated having her “Case of Hope.”

It is an honor and privilege to be able to make this donation to this special ministry, in memory of my Mother – to honor her and the life she was able to give me. Through her sacrifice, I was given a wonderful childhood, rooted in the foundation of Christianity, which serves me to this day!

I know she’s smiling down from Heaven!  Thank you to everyone who continues to go above and beyond – donating time, items and money! May God continue to bless this ministry!

In Christ,

Michelle and Ingo S.”

With part of the financial gift from this family, we purchased jewelry with a note card (pictured) inserted “In Memory of Gloria S. Larson”.  Mercy Mall has packed over 600 Cases of Hope to individuals being released from 4 local prisons/programs.  Click here to be part of this amazing Mercy Mall program:  Volunteer Application.

Donate to give hope and encouragement to local families experiencing crises