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Make a Financial Donation Today!

Your tax-deductible financial donations help us continue to provide local individuals and families in crisis with clothing, household & baby items ~ especially in the midst of this pandemic.

Mercy Mall of VA is a FREE clothing and housewares boutique. Visit our Serve and Give page for more information on how to volunteer with us, donate to us, and sponsor us.

Printable Tax Receipt: Mercy Mall Tax Receipt

Mercy Mall is a non-profit organization that helps local families and individuals in crisis receive clothing, household items and baby gear. Our boutique hours are limited, as we are a mostly volunteer run organization.
You must schedule an appointment to shop with us.

Please visit our Request Appointment Page for information on how to submit a request for a drive-thru pick up appointment.

See our Facebook Page for information on requested items.

If you are a donor/volunteer/sponsor, you’ll want to check out our Private Facebook Group: Friends of Mercy Mall. Be sure to answer the questions for membership.

We are Open for clients in crisis to receive items through a drive-thru pick up appointment. Please visit our Request Appointment Page for more information.

We are ONLY accepting donations by appointment at this time. See our Donations Page for more information.

Donation FAQ's

Click here for answers to the most asked Donation Questions.

Thank you Homelight

We are thrilled to highlight our newest Sponsor, Homelight. Visit their website for more information.

Cases of Hope

Click here for more information on our Prison Ministry, Cases of Hope.

If you are a potential client, in need of clothing, housewares (not furniture), and/or baby gear, please visit our Request Appointment page.

Reminder: We do not take walk-ins. You can shop by appointment only.

Mercy Mall is an ever-changing 501c3 ministry that has taken on the form of a FREE clothing and housewares boutique with gently-used items.


“To provide compassion and hope to the hurting.”


“To serve the hungry, the homeless and the hurting by filling practical needs, providing resources, and building relationships.”

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