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Mercy Mall is a non-profit organization that helps local families and individuals in crisis receive clothing, household items and baby gear. Our boutique hours are limited, as we are a mostly volunteer run organization.
You must schedule an appointment to shop with us.

We offer two types of appointment: Crisis and Maintenance. Descriptions of each appointment type are below, with a link to the google form to request your appointment. 

Crisis Appointment

Our first priority, at Mercy Mall, is to help individuals and families in crisis receive clothing, housewares and baby gear. We know that most of our clients won’t stay in crisis over a long period of time, but may need more clothes, household, and baby items after their initial visit. During your crisis period, we will work with you to schedule your appointment in a timely manner and will offer you seasonally appropriate clothing, household items and baby items as needed.

Examples of crises that warrant a need for a quick appointment turn around: You are homeless and have few to NO seasonally appropriate clothing; You have new housing after a time of homelessness, incarceration, fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking and you need housewares and/or clothing; You are pregnant and due within 30 days and have few to NO baby items; You had a recent housefire and lost all your clothing.

If you believe your situation warrants a crisis appointment, please request an appointment via this link: Crisis Appointment Request

Maintenance Appointment

Once you’ve had 3 crisis appointments at Mercy Mall, we encourage you to request a Maintenance appointment, where we offer up to 2 seasonal clothing appointments per year. At these appointments you are able to shop for clothing for everyone in your home. We will also offer your top 3 household and baby items, as needed, during maintenance appointments. If you are an individual or family requesting an appointment and not in crisis, you need a Maintenance appointment.

If you are a single adult and not in crisis – we will offer you up to 2 Maintenance appointments and then we will encourage you to find new ways to update your wardrobe each season.

A Maintenance Appointment is also appropriate for a family/individual who has not been to Mercy Mall before; they need clothing, a few housewares and baby items but their situation is not a crisis ~ meaning they can wait a few weeks or up to a month to get an appointment.

Please click this link to request an appointment in our Maintenance Program: Maintenance Appointment Request

What People are Saying

“Love this place!! It’s such a blessing!!”
Tiffany Mayfield

“A great experience, thank you.”
Lisa Edmonds

“They were amazing and very helpful to me.”
Marjorie Kimble

“Very great place i feel bless coming here thank you god bless everyone in Mercy Mall.”
Jennifer Navarrete


"To provide compassion and hope to the hurting."


"To serve the hungry, the homeless and the hurting by filling practical needs, providing resources, and building relationships."

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