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Devastated.  That’s how Charnelle described the flood of emotions when she visited her home after it had been ravaged by fire.

So many questions consumed her thoughts.  Where would they live?  How would they replace everything that had been lost?

But true to her nature, she quickly focused on the blessings in front of her – she and her children were safe!

In the weeks that followed, Charnelle leaned into family for temporary housing and advocates in the community to assist with immediate needs, like clothing.

It was 8 weeks after the life altering fire that we served Charnelle with practical houseware items – she and her children were moving into stable housing!

We asked Charnelle how she stayed so positive during a time that could have been filled with fear and anxiety.  Her response was simple, “There’s so much to be thankful for!”

Charnelle’s hopeful outlook in life is such a bright encouragement to her loved ones!

A crisis can strike anyone at any time.  At Mercy Mall, we sometimes meet the practical needs of our clients in the days following a crisis and other times it’s during the final stages of rebuilding!

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