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In our hospitality lobby, we share valuable resources, shower prayers of encouragement, and provide our clients with the ability to receive quality items!!

This comfortable space is where stories are shared and prayers are answered! 

This is where we met Beth, a disabled veteran of two teen boys.  Beth visited us to receive winter clothing for her family while awaiting VA benefits to kick in. 

We showered Beth with attention as she ‘shopped’ from the items we stock in our lobby.  Not only was she able to receive a few practical things for her home, God answered a prayer that had been weighing on her heart…

Beth shared that she didn’t know how she was going to be able to afford a gift for her son’s birthday.  But in our lobby, she found the perfect thing!  She was overwhelmed by this answer to a prayer! God delights in us and hears our prayers!  We are thankful for our team of prayer warriors that faithfully serve our clients and rejoice when prayers are answered!!

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