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What measures would you take to rescue your children from a lifetime of debilitating poverty?  Would you travel thousands of miles…many of those miles on foot?

Years of not being able to provide for their daughters’ basic needs was heartbreaking for the Flores family.  They felt their only option was to flee their homeland of Venezuela. 

With only a backpack each, they traveled under treacherous conditions through 7 countries, including 60 miles of the roadless Darién Gap.  Here the family faced thick forests, raging rivers, and the constant threat of human traffickers!

Through a network of humanitarian advocates, the Flores family has settled in the Richmond area and begun to receive local support from school counselors, Mercy Mall, and refugee relief organizations.

The Flores represent the many families in our community who are fiercely fighting to provide for their children.  Meeting the basic needs that we all want to provide for our families – food and shelter! 

At Mercy Mall, we are cheerleaders for these courageous families who are going to unimaginable lengths to give their children stability and opportunity!

*Name has been changed.

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