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Though tragedy struck over five years ago, for Mr. Walker it feels like only yesterday.

It was 2017 when he received the devastating news that his son had been tragically murdered.  Overcome with grief, his wife passed away shortly after.

The depression that followed was more than Mr. Walker could bear, quickly taking his job and leading to homelessness.  But through this dark time, he held on to this belief – Don’t give up!  Keep your faith in God!

Over the past year, this hopeful mindset has led Mr. Walker to secure housing and an appointment at Mercy Mall.  On the day we served him, we received so much more from him – the blessing of his gentle spirit and his love for God.

At one point during our vibrant conversation he chuckled, ‘You guys remind me of being in church!’

We learn things from our clients each day!  Mr. Walker taught us that grief may stay raw and present in our lives, but through a community of support, we can grow through leaving our burdens behind!

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