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Turning away from a toxic lifestyle takes courage and resolve and we celebrate those who make these lifesaving decisions!

Crisis hit John’s home when his father unexpectedly passed away.  Consumed with grief,  John and his mother’s world began to unravel.  Their income was depleted, disaster struck their home, and substance abuse became a mechanism to cope.

In a moment of clarity, John was desperate to get his life together.  Through Hope, Inc., John is on the road to recovery.  The kind guidance of a counselor led him to a treatment facility and ultimately Mercy Mall, where we served him with much needed winter clothing.   

For John, leaving his old life behind has been a lesson in learning to ‘stay the course, no matter how hard it gets.’  

He is determined to continue treatment and looks forward to receiving job training to learn a trade.  John holds onto hope for the future and is resolved to not give up!

$35 is all it takes to give hope and encouragement to someone in our community who is striving to leave their ‘old life behind.’  Together, we can change lives!  Grow Hope!!

Donate to give hope and encouragement to local families experiencing crises