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For a mother, it’s a phone call that turns into the worst nightmare…  “Your son has been in a car accident.  8 hours away.  He may not make it.”

In an instant, Demetria did what any mother would do.  She uprooted her children from West Virginia to Richmond overnight, leaving everything behind. 

Though the following months have been a blur, she is thankful that her son is going to be ok.

‘I’ve never had anything like this happen before.  I wasn’t prepared.’

The care of her family has been front and center and she stops at nothing to self-advocate.  Seeking out stable housing, resources for furniture, and being served at Mercy Mall to fill the gaps of so many of the items they were forced to leave behind in West Virginia – clothing, bedding, basic kitchen essentials.  

We are proud to stand beside this fierce mama!

Your $120 donation serves a mother just like Demetria who is fighting for her family. Donate here:

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