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“One day, I’m gonna write a book!” she says after sharing her story of redemption. 

From growing up in foster care, being sexually assaulted, and homeless at 14 to living in abandoned homes, vacant places, parks, and dealing with homes with water issues and fire…plus being attacked by a dog leaving scars, getting kicked out, and receiving drug charges due to having the wrong friends…Ms. Halston definitely has a story to tell!! 

Like so many we serve, it feels like “…one step forward and two steps back,” but she has never lost hope and continues the momentum forward.  Ms. Halston is stable now and aspires to write a book to hopefully help other women on this journey to stability.   

At Mercy Mall, we want to create a safe space where clients can receive quality items and share their stories without judgment. Our front lobby prayer warriors provide the utmost care and compassion, offer a beverage, provide resources, and are a listening ear to hundreds of clients each year who have a story to tell!  

Would you help us continue to give a voice to those in our community who are overcoming obstacles to stability?  A $70 donation allows us to serve a mother and her child with practical items when they need it most!  Together we can Grow Hope!!

Donate to give hope and encouragement to local families experiencing crises