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The messages on our chalkboard wall poured into one fierce mama’s heart.  Pray, don’t stop, have faith.

Those simple words have been an anchor in Michelle’s life and never more so than over the past 18 months.

Moving into a new apartment last summer, Michelle wanted nothing more than to provide a safe home for her young son. Little did she know that they would soon suffer from debilitating symptoms caused by mold.

Her symptoms reached a fever pitch and one day she couldn’t catch her breath. Moving would pose a financial burden, but it was her only option.

She leaned into her faith and relied on the people God had placed before her. One friend opened their home and another referred her to Mercy Mall.   

Every week we serve families whose lives are upended by negligent landlords. We’re able to serve Michelle and others with practical items they’ve lost! 

Though we provide these necessities, we’ve also created a safe space to share prayers and offer encouragement. Michelle’s powerful story of prayer, perseverance, and faith, is an inspiration!

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