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Years of addiction and homelessness led NB to a life of isolation.  He felt that the world had let him down and was convinced that it was easier to do life ‘on his own.’

But living one crisis after the next began to take a toll and the armor of protection he had built started to soften.  For the first time in his life, he felt seen.

You are worth it!  You have value!

It was through a community of support with Soaring Eagles, that his confidence started to grow.

And that community of support extended to Mercy Mall.  Not only were we able to serve him with warm clothes, but we showered him with encouragement and hope!

Having a community on his side, NB has set high standards for himself.  He is driven and focused on the future! When someone is suffering, asking for help is sometimes the most difficult step.  The fear of judgment looms large and the shame can be stifling.  NB’s story is one of hope for others who are ready to take that courageous step!

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