Grow Hope Story #2 – Stability Requires Safety

“I had to get out of the situation.  I just had to.  I just left.” 

Those were Lara’s thoughts she shared with me as she reminisced about that cold night, she “hit the highway” in hopes of a better life.   She was living in constant fear and uncertainty…but that all changed when she made the courageous decision to escape with her children and only a few belongings!  

She drove hundreds of miles to the only safe haven she knew, her parent’s home, where she could focus on healing, getting a job, and maybe getting a place of her own one day. 

One thing we noticed about this loving mother is her willingness to now share her story with others to help them gain the confidence needed to do the same!! (Just an example of how our clients inspire us so much 🙂 

This brave young woman represents hundreds more in our community who are ready to flee to safety.  When they do escape, we are ready to provide these ladies with the practical items they need most in a timely manner, and with the utmost compassion and care! 

With a donation of just $120, a victim of domestic violence and her children can embark on a journey to safety, then eventually stability. Click here to help more families like Lara – Grow Hope 2023

*Name and specific details of this story have been changed.