Grow Hope Story #7 – A Sister is a Best Friend

Proverbs 3:15 – She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

A large number of clients have to lean on other family members for housing support, whether it’s doubling or tripling up or having multiple generations living in one home.  We see this all the time, but it’s not always a bad thing! 

The Virginia Department of Health referred Ana to us to help provide items their home was lacking as well as much-needed baby items.  She was due any day, so we can understand why she was a bit anxious…and a little scared.    

Her sister, Cecia, vowed to be right by her side through it all; our volunteers were touched by the adoration the sisters had for each other.  

Some living situations may not be ideal, but the only option for our clients during this affordable housing shortage.  Some are making it work and inspiring others to do things like other cultures have done for years!  

Ana, brimming with excitement, can’t wait to bring this baby home with all the love from her family…and the baby supplies she needs, thanks to the kind donations from donors like you! Your $200 donation will serve a new mom like Ana, with much needed baby items and practical gear, like car seats and pack-n-plays!  Together we can Grow Hope!! 

Grow Hope Story #6 – From Homeless to Hopeful

“We were homeless for three months…wouldn’t wish that on anyone!”

Gabrielle, her husband and two toddlers had to move out of the home she shared with her sister’s family due to an unsettled dispute. Living in the car was their only option. 

We were impressed by their fierce loyalty and huge heart for her family as they navigated the homeless landscape with optimism and bravery.  

We met this family when they were on the path to putting their lives back together after being rehomed…and were able to provide winter clothing for the entire family and some practical household items.  

They would love to thank their employers who had great grace and understanding during this whole transition – you all are angels!  

Gabrielle has since started caring for her 9-month old niece, but is hopeful for the future of their family. Thank you to all those who have helped them along this path!! 

 If you want to assist families like this who are doing all they can to provide and protect their children, even through living in a car, we welcome you to do so by texting “growhope23” to 44-321 or simply clicking this link:  Help Us Grow Hope Today!!

Grow Hope Story #5 – Unexpected Blessings – Twins!!

Sometimes, families need a little extra help as they navigate the unexpected!

When the Lewis family found out they were having twins, they were over the moon!  Already a family of six, with 4 school-aged children, they knew it would be tough financially.  

The baby girls arrived early and needed extra care in the hospital as well as specialty formula and insurance didn’t cover everything.  

Serving families as they overcome a crisis is at the heart of what we do…and crisis doesn’t wait.  At Mercy Mall, we are in the business of serving families who have immediate needs caused by a transition or change in circumstances.  

With your donations, we are able to provide individuals and families, like the Lewis’s, baby items like clothing, diapers, formula, and baby equipment… so the focus can be on all the other responsibilities of raising a family!!

What we loved about this family is their undeniable love, joy, and delight in who their children were becoming.  They absolutely glowed as they shared stories of their accomplishments!  Thank you, Lewis family, for being such dedicated parents – what an inspiration you both are!

Your $200 donation helps us to serve newborns like the Lewis twins with much needed baby items and practical gear, like car seats and pack and plays!  Together we can Grow Hope!!